Communication and Collaboration With Other Disciplines

 Review Biotechnology Regardless of the health science discipline, practitioners and professionals collaborate with people in other disciplines within their field. For example, environmental health scientists approach problems through multiple cross-disciplinary interactions. Biologists, toxicologists, epidemiologists, geneticists, ethicists, and physicians lean on each other to support scientific inquiries, as well as contribute to and benefit society (Schwartz, 2006). Respond An example of these benefits of collaboration is the way in which the fields of microbiology and genetics evolved together to benefit each other and society. Microbiology offers tools for biotechnology, and biotechnology leads to better understanding and classification of microbes. -Do some research at the CDC website or PubMed library to name one example of biotechnology ( that has contributed to the health of humans or the health of the planet. -What micro-organisms or biological processes were isolated, studied, or controlled in order to develop that biotechnology? -What procedures might have been utilized to isolate such microorganisms?

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