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1.Please review the information provided on changes in the US population.

The US Population is Aging

Based on the information you reviewed, pick one of the reasons to explain what the US population is aging. (.25 point).

Briefly explain how you think this change in the population will impact the broader society in the US?(.25 point)

2. Please watch the video on the cost of aging globally:

Based on the information provided in this video, pick two current examples covered to successfully address aging globally. (.50 point) 

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The US population is currently experiencing significant changes, particularly in terms of aging. This demographic shift has various implications for society. Additionally, the cost of aging is a global concern that requires attention. In this response, we will address the reasons behind the aging US population and discuss its impact on society. We will also highlight two current examples that successfully address aging on a global scale.

Answer 1:

One of the reasons behind the aging US population is increased life expectancy. Advances in medical technology, improved healthcare systems, and better access to healthcare services have contributed to longer lifespans. Consequently, there is a larger proportion of older individuals in the population.

This change in the population will have a significant impact on broader society in the US. First, it will place a strain on healthcare resources and services. The aging population will require more medical care, specialized treatments, and long-term care options. This increased demand may lead to higher healthcare costs and potential challenges in providing quality care to all individuals.

Second, the aging population may also affect the workforce. With older individuals staying in the workforce longer, there might be limited opportunities for younger individuals entering the job market. This could create competition for employment, potentially impacting income distribution and economic stability.

Answer 2:

The video regarding the cost of aging globally highlights several examples of successful approaches to address this issue. Two such examples are:

1. Active Aging Programs: These initiatives focus on promoting healthy lifestyles, physical activity, and mental well-being among older individuals. By encouraging an active lifestyle, these programs aim to prevent or delay age-related health issues. They also foster social engagement and community involvement for the elderly, enhancing their overall quality of life.

2. Age-Friendly Cities: Some regions have implemented age-friendly city programs, which aim to create environments that better support the needs and preferences of older individuals. These initiatives include improvements in infrastructure, transportation, housing, and community services to facilitate aging in place. Age-friendly cities prioritize accessibility, social inclusion, and quality healthcare services for older residents.

These examples demonstrate that proactive and comprehensive approaches that address the physical, social, and environmental aspects of aging can successfully enhance the well-being of older individuals and mitigate associated challenges on a global scale.

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