HI 510 PGU Population health and establishing patient health registries Presentation Nursing Assignment Help

You will retrieve and synthesize information and create an oral presentation with a script from the consumer perspective, healthcare perspective, and the administrative perspective on one of the following population health topics:

  • Establishing patient health registries.
  • Acquire electronic external data (i.e., data from outside the HIS).
  • Communicate with patients electronically.
  • Electronically track specific outcomes.

In your presentation, provide a thorough background on your topic. Think about your topic and discuss the challenges and considerations needed regarding:

  • Clinical decision support
  • Care team workflow, and connectivity
    • Organizational issues
    • Identifying a starting point
    • Understanding patient attribution
    • Stratifying patients by risk
    • Hiring or reallocating staff members
    • Getting paid for population health
    • Developing acceptance of new workflows
    • Bolstering patient engagement
    • Coordinating care across the continuum

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In this presentation, we will be discussing the topic of establishing patient health registries from three different perspectives: the consumer perspective, healthcare perspective, and the administrative perspective. We will provide a thorough background on the topic and address the challenges and considerations related to clinical decision support, care team workflow and connectivity, and various organizational issues.

Consumer Perspective:

From a consumer perspective, establishing patient health registries can bring several benefits. It allows individuals to have a centralized repository of their health information, making it easier to track their medical history and health status. This can empower patients to be more actively involved in their own healthcare decisions and enable them to share their information with healthcare providers when necessary.

However, challenges and considerations arise when implementing patient health registries from the consumer perspective. Patient privacy and security are paramount, and measures must be in place to protect sensitive personal information. Ensuring that patients have the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate and use the registry effectively is also crucial.

Healthcare Perspective:

From a healthcare perspective, establishing patient health registries can significantly enhance clinical decision support. By having access to comprehensive patient data, healthcare providers can make more informed decisions about diagnosis, treatment, and prevention strategies. Patient health registries can provide valuable insights into population health trends, allowing for better resource allocation and targeted interventions.

However, there are several challenges and considerations to address from the healthcare perspective. Integrating patient health registries into existing care team workflows and ensuring seamless connectivity across different healthcare settings is essential. This may require training and support for healthcare professionals to effectively utilize the registry. Organizational issues, such as data governance and standardization, must also be addressed to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the registry data.

Administrative Perspective:

From an administrative perspective, establishing patient health registries presents both opportunities and challenges. On one hand, patient health registries can support population health management by enabling risk stratification and identification of high-risk patients who may benefit from targeted interventions. This can lead to improved outcomes and cost-effectiveness in healthcare delivery.

However, there are several considerations that need to be taken into account from an administrative perspective. Hiring or reallocating staff members with the necessary skills to manage and maintain the registry may be required. Additionally, developing acceptance of new workflows among healthcare professionals and fostering patient engagement are vital. Coordinating care across the continuum to ensure seamless transitions and continuity of care is also crucial.

In conclusion, establishing patient health registries brings numerous benefits but also presents various challenges and considerations from the consumer, healthcare, and administrative perspectives. Addressing these challenges and considerations, such as clinical decision support, care team workflow and connectivity, organizational issues, and patient engagement, is essential to ensure the successful implementation and utilization of patient health registries.

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