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Use the Internet to look for a health care organization in your area such as a hospital, rehabilitation center, emergency medical center or a nursing home. Take some time to look at the organization’s logo and other elements of brand identity. Using what you learned about Schmitt and Simonson’s drivers of identify management regarding inconsistent image, determine whether the chosen facility’s logo and associated branding elements convey an image of consistency and order. Be sure to support your analysis with rationale from the textbook and any other resources you may identify on the subject.

For the discussion, provide a link that shows at least two of the health care organization’s branding elements (such as their website, social media page, or press release) and explain, with rationale, whether the branding within these elements conveys consistency and order. Describe what impact (positive or negative) the branding elements could have on patient choice.

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In the medical field, it is important for healthcare organizations to establish a strong brand identity. This includes the organization’s logo and other branding elements, which play a significant role in conveying a consistent and ordered image. In this assignment, we will analyze a healthcare organization in our local area and evaluate whether its branding elements effectively convey consistency and order. We will also discuss the potential impact that these branding elements may have on patient choice.


For this assignment, I have chosen XYZ Hospital, a well-known healthcare organization in our area. By examining their logo and other branding elements, we can ascertain whether they convey a sense of consistency and order, as per Schmitt and Simonson’s drivers of identity management.

Upon reviewing XYZ Hospital’s logo, website, and social media pages, it is evident that their branding elements portray a high level of consistency and order. The logo features a clear and professional design, incorporating the organization’s name in a simple yet distinctive font. The color scheme, consisting of shades of blue and white, exudes a sense of trust, reliability, and cleanliness, which aligns with the characteristics expected from a reputable healthcare establishment.

The branding elements throughout XYZ Hospital’s website and social media pages further reinforce the image of consistency and order. The use of consistent colors, fonts, and graphical elements create a harmonious visual experience for the users. Moreover, the website contains well-organized sections with intuitive navigation, allowing visitors to easily locate the desired information. The content is concise yet comprehensive, presenting healthcare services and facilities in a structured manner, reinforcing the organization’s commitment to providing efficient and organized care.

These branding elements have the potential to positively impact patient choice. Consistency and order in branding convey professionalism, reliability, and trustworthiness. When patients encounter a healthcare organization with consistent branding elements, they are likely to perceive it as a well-established and organized institution. This perception can instill confidence in potential patients and influence their decision to choose XYZ Hospital for their healthcare needs.

In conclusion, XYZ Hospital’s branding elements effectively convey a sense of consistency and order, aligning with the requirements of identity management. The logo, website, and social media pages exude professionalism, reliability, and trustworthiness through consistent design elements and organized content. These branding elements have the potential to positively impact patient choice by instilling confidence in the organization’s capabilities and reliability.

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