Human Resources ( HR) is a women’s profession.(Take your standpoint

For this assignment you will develop a 1200 word minimum essay about how you either do OR do not identify with a stereotype society defines you by. You will develop a thesis within your first paragraph where you establish your point of view. You will need to establish what the stereotype that you’re connected with entails. You may use common thoughts that are associated with this stereotype to develop your argument. You will then continue by presenting how you do OR do not associate with this stereotype in your paper. This is where you can use personal examples supporting your connection or disconnection with this stereotype you are socially identified by.

**You can choose ONE of the following examples:** Human Resources ( HR) is a women’s profession.(Take your standpoint from a Male’s point of view) Being the middle child of the family ( do you agree or disagree with the stereotypes imposed by being the middle child. In order to do well on this essay you will need… A Creative Title MLA format Include the word count at the bottom of your paper Introduction: Hook/ Attract reader’s attention Provide a brief overview of your stereotype State your Thesis at the end of your Intro paragraph arguing whether you do or do not personally identify with it. Body Paragraphs: Explain how you relate or do not relate (supporting your thesis) Start each paragraph with a topic sentence introducing what will be discussed in it (mini theses) Stay focused and support your thesis by making sure everything you are discussing maintains either your relation or disconnection ideas. Include at least one integrated quote from the reading thus far that supports one of your ideas. Conclusion: Paraphrase your Thesis Explore what you have learned in establishing whether you connect or disconnect with you thesis End with a Global Statement: Broad idea about society and stereotyping; how this has hurt or helped you; how identity is subjective; etc. Works Cited:

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