Each group will select a local government (not simply/only a municipal government, but any local government) in the United States. The group will conduct professional, graduate level research on the local government to provide a substantial profile on the government. Think in terms of something that your group could use to brief an incoming/interim director for one of the local government’s departments/sections. The profile should, at a minimum, include:



The source of authority (primary structure authority) for the local government.


An explanation of the purpose of the local government (this does not mean simply recite/copy the mission statement. Some local governments do not have mission statements yet but have purposes).


An explanation of the form of government utilized [the “legal statutory platform” as Frederickson, et al (2001) indicated and briefed upon in the lecturette titled, “A Brief on Ideas in Authority of Local Government”].


An identification of the administrative departments, agencies, etc. and their functions.


A brief on the history of the local government (this could be in the form of a timeline that has/is given context in the presentation).


A brief on appropriate demographic information (population, geographic-jurisdiction/area served, age of constituents, anything that a decision-maker would need to know).


A brief on the local government’s motto, mission, vision, and/or values set (if present).


A brief on at least two, but no more than four current (within ten years) community issues/struggles/milestones.


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