(SOLVED) growth and development of peeschool 4-6 yearsold

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growth and development of peeschool 4-6 yearsold

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Growth and development : physical growth is increase in size , development is growth in function and capability.

Growth and development in preschool age of 4 to 6 years old :

Social development :

- they are increasingly independent

- they are dependable and responsible

- they are exceedingly social

- 4 to 6 years old prefer cooperative play to solitary or parallel play.

Physical development :

- they show more agility , balance and coordination in gross and fine motor movements.

Cognitive development

- they learn new concepts through experimentation and discovery .

- are able to think in comolex ways.

- can categorize by two features , such as colours and shapes.

Language Development :

- show a significant growth in their communication skills

- they have adult like word order , using pronounciation like a grown up.

- They also begin to extend their oral language skills to reading and writing