(SOLVED) Why does the American Cancer Society suggest a baseline

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Why does the American Cancer Society suggest a baseline proctologic examination for all people over the age of 50 years?

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More people before the age group of 50 are suffering from colorectal cancer. Hence the American Cancer society has suggested to go for protologic examination for age group of fifty to prevent and reduce the diagnosis of colorectal cancer. Protoscopy is the quickest method for examining the rectum and anu(s). As the cancer screening tool the light ended hollow tube ( protoscopy) is inserted inside the rectum for taking small sample for biopsy.The American society recommend to have the screening at the age of fourty five. This screening method can be done by sensitive test which shows the symptoms of cancer. If the person have good health, the society recommend another screening examination at the age of seventy five. If the people crossed the age group of 85,they does not need any screening for colorectal cancer. As same as the screening people also have counselling regarding changing the life style , taking proper discussion with health care provider etc.