The movie Grease is a timeless classic that many people

The movie Grease is a timeless classic that many people from all walks of life can enjoy. Some of you can relate to all of the awesome songs and some of the situations that are going on in this great movie. High school can be tough, and this movie hits on some of the rough situations that high school kids can endure. Immature boys, foiled relationships, and even a pregnancy scare could all be something you encounter during your days as a teenager. Grease makes this time in life relatable to every age group and introduces us to characters we all know and love.

With that being said, based on Erik Erickson’s Psychosocial Development Theory, in the stages “Intimacy vs. Isolation,” and “Identity vs. Role Confusion,” describe what the individual(s) and groups are experiencing. Be incredibly detailed in your descriptions giving a minimum of 2 examples per person and group.






The Love Birds



Rydell High

Pink Ladies

Putzie and Doody



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