Topic: The use of Gabapentin for post herpetic neuralgia. Nursing Assignment Help

Topic: The use of Gabapentin for post herpetic neuralgia.

Modality:  Literature review / Educational practicum for patient’s education.

Reference: Multimedia product, video, blog, website, animation (avatar talking with a patient) (aim to patients).

Test effectiveness or usability of the created resource (survey).

4000 words min



Capstone Project & Capstone Defense 


The capstone project represents students’ synthesis of and reflection on knowledge acquired in coursework, the practicum, and other learning experiences and the application of theory, principles, and methods to a situation that approximates some aspect of professional practice.

Options and format for Capstone Projects

The capstone project is a written document, based on the student’s practicum project. For example, it may be an integrated presentation of practicum deliverables and relevant background analyses (e.g., a full literature review and detailed methods section leading up to the development of a survey). Students can choose from the following formats for the capstone project. Students should take into account the length of time necessary to complete the project and the availability of an appropriate faculty advisor when deciding on the format.

  1. Summary report written for the practicum organization or community (minimum of 4000 word count):
  2. Executive summary or abstract (one page)
  3. Statement of purpose (e.g., objectives; specific aims)
  4. Assessment of organizational and community context for the practicum/capstone project.
  5. Review of relevant literature (including gray literature if relevant) and how it informs the work
  6. Methods employed/to be employed
  7. Results/findings/outcomes
  8. Limitations of the work
  9. Ethical and cultural dimensions of the work
  10. Significance of the capstone project for the discipline
  11. Recommendations for future practice and/or research
  12. Critical reflection
  13. References cited
  14. Appendices

Article ready for submission to a journal

  1. Case report’s abstract in publishable form (one per semester).
  2. Grant proposal

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