Two activity and one discussions.Need it asap Module 4 activity Fill up the template Module 5 activity 200 words Module

Two activity and one discussions.
Need it asap
Module 4 activity- Fill up the template
Module 5 activity- 200 words
Module 6 activity- 200 words Initial Post and two replies. I will send replies later.
Module 4 Activity
Use the Motor Vehicle Safety Template to complete the table about most dangerous behaviors by groups addressing your beliefs on the most dangerous and risky behaviors associated with motor vehicle safety for 4 specific age groups.

Module 6 Activity
Imagine you could transport through time and meet with indigenous Americans in 1519, just prior to the arrival of Hernan Cortes in Mexico and his contact with the Aztec empire and the subsequent fall of Tenochtitlan. This outbreak led to a massive outbreak of smallpox in Tenochtitlan, killing most of the Aztec army and approximately a quarter of the city’s population. You have a very short time to introduce them to the concept of infectious diseases, and help them prepare to protect themselves against the coming onslaught of smallpox
.1. Investigate how smallpox is spread, and how it has been controlled over the centuries. What interventions to control spread could you put into place in this population?
2. What interventions might be difficult or impossible to implement in 1519 Mexico?
3. How might the world be different today if European-origin diseases had not decimated the indigenous population of North and South America?

Module 5 Discussion
This activity will provide you with an opportunity to apply safety principles under the OSHA Act along with OSHA recommended strategies to protect teens from injury while working in the food industry.CASE STUDY: Jason was a 16-year old teen who worked in a fast food restaurant. His evening supervisor charged him with cleaning out the deep fryer before closing. Jason poured all of the hot oil used in the deep fryer into a refuse container for meat scraps, not knowing that the container would melt from the hot oil. As Jason was carrying the container out the back door to the dumpster, the hot grease gushed through the bottom of the container creating severe burns on his legs.MODLE DISCUSSION QUESTIONS:
What developmental characteristics contributed to Jason’s actions that led to his injury?
What safety policies could employers implement to better promote adolescent safety in the workplace?
What actions could be taken by employers to help prevent incidents like Jason’s leading to burns on-the-job?
What responsibilities do teen workers have to prevent injuries on-the-job?
Case Study adapted from: Barron, SL, & Wilson, S. (2011) Young workers, case #5, p 76, In: Occupational & Environmental Health: Recognizing & Preventing Disease and Injury, Eds.BS Levy. DH Wegman, SL Barron, & RK Solkas. 6th Edition. New York: Oxford University Press

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