Unit 2 Discussion: Keeping Up with the Joneses COM107 Unit 2 Discussion: Keeping Up with the Joneses Reflect on a

Unit 2 Discussion: Keeping Up with the Joneses (COM107)
Unit 2 Discussion: Keeping Up with the Joneses
Reflect on a time from your childhood when direct definitions, identity scripts, or attachment styles left a big impact on your self-identity.
How did the experience shape your perception of who you were at the time?
Have those same self-perceptions become a major part of how you think about yourself now or have other experiences reshaped your identity to its current state?
How does social comparison theory play out in your professional and personal life?
Which type of comparison do you find yourself making most often (similarity/difference, upward, downward)?
What impact does social media have on social comparison?
Unit 2 DB: Reliable Sources (ENG110)
Unit 2 DB: Reliable Sources
We will practice finding a reliable source using the library database. Please review this video,
“How to Get to and Navigate the Library Page, to see how to access the library. You also can view the sources in this unit to help you navigate to the Library.
For this discussion, we will be focusing on a specific kind of source, an article. Please find an article that you would consider to be reliable from the Library database. You may find an article on any appropriate academic subject that interests you for the purpose of this discussion.
Do not use Google to find a source for this discussion.
In one paragraph, explain why you consider this article to be an example of an reliable source.
You should look at the publication, writer, year, and the other information you picked up through reading this unit’s chapter on sources. In your post, include the title of the article, who published it, and how you found it through the library.

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