“Value Destruction and Financial Reporting Decisions”

summarize the “Value Destruction and Financial Reporting Decisions” article and discuss why and how management forecast can destroy firm value. The paper should also discuss why are managers willing to give up the options that increase firm value? The following guideline when completing the assignment: 1. Essay should contains a clear argument — i.e., lets me know exactly what you want to say. Your argument should be related the questions . 2. Essay should provide compelling and accurate evidence that convinces me to accept main argument. The importance/relevance of all pieces of evidence is clearly stated. There are no gaps in reasoning —i.e., do not  need to assume anything or do additional research to accept main argument. 3. Your arguments should be shown in the first part of the writing. Then you can discuss more later. 4. Should directly address main question or issue, and add new insight to the subject not provided in lectures, readings, or class discussions. You are able to synthesize this knowledge in new ways and relate to material not covered in the course.

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