Watch film first,”Dying to Survive” or “let the bullets fly”

800 words, evaluating its merits and demerits, recommending it or otherwise with well-reasoned arguments. Students should also consider the film in relation to the director/actor’s other works. no need for reference, Film Review A film review must offer a recommendation, be it positive or negative. Do you or do you not encourage the reader to see the film? If you recommend it, do you recommend it whole-heartedly, or do you have reservations about the film? Give reasons.

In order for the reader to follow your review, you might need to summarize the plot of the film, but be sure not to give away the story too much, or you would spoil the film for the reader. At any rate, long synopses are not recommended. Your job is to analyze the film and not to retell the story. A film review is short. Do not attempt to cover everything there is to say about the film. Be selective and specific with the details that you want to dwell on. Start with the premise of whether you like or do not like the film and then focus on those that will help you explain your position. Leave other irrelevant points aside, however remarkable they might be on their own. Include in the review all notable basic information. What year is the film made? Who are the director, the main actors and actresses, and other members of the crew worthy of note? Does the film win any award? Is there any particular selling point? What is the genre? A film review is not a scholarly paper. The latter is for the specialist while the former is for the general viewer. This is not the place for you to argue at great length about a theoretical point. Because of the brevity of the review, you should not break the review into sections and subsections. The whole review should read as a piece of flowing prose. Most reviews are written about films that have just been released, and so the reviewer has little prior scholarship to refer to. For this exercise, you may choose to write a review of films that were produced many years ago. Pretend that the film is a new film anyway. There is no need to cite any prior work. It is a good idea to look at a few published film reviews before you start, especially if you are not familiar with the format of the film review.

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