Welcome to your SS2000 Week 1 Discussion! As you develop you Nursing Assignment Help

Welcome to your SS2000 Week 1 Discussion! As you develop your résumé, think about how you would present your experience to your future employers. Think about how your job responsibilities and accomplishments may relate to the healthcare field and be marketable to those employers. Reviewing your experience and skills is called a professional self-inventory. There are many examples of professional self-inventories“ to help you identify your skills.

During an interview, you will likely be asked questions that prompt you to talk about your previous work (or volunteer) experience and how it helped prepare you for the position you currently seek. Take a few minutes and think about the experiences and skills you would want to share, and any areas where you would like to grow.

For this discussion, conduct some online research on professional self-inventories and how to use one to write an effective work experience section for your résumé. Use the insights you gain to help you answer the discussion prompts.

2. Initial Post: Create a new thread and answer all three parts of the initial prompt below

Introduce yourself to your instructor and classmates. Be sure to include the following:

  1. After completing the professional self-inventory, introduce yourself to your instructor and classmates as you would to an employer in an interview by briefly describing your work (or volunteer) experience. Use the results of your self-inventory to guide your introduction.
  2. Explain how your work (or volunteer) experience or skills will be valuable in the healthcare field.
  3. Describe two (2) tips for writing an effective work experience section from your research. Be sure to cite your source(s

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